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application modification mark III

Note: I have not modified the *actual* application yet. Anyone interested may compare these modifications to what was there previously.

I WILL PROBABLY CHANGE THE OFFICIAL APPLICATION WITHIN A FEW WEEKS. This depends on any feedback I get, of course, but with the few applicants we've had recently and the absolute deadliness of the community in general, I am willing to make moves to bring in new interest.


in romantic relationships, what is your gender preference, if applicable?:
general location:


list 5-10 favorite books:
how about favorite authors?:
can you write/speak in any other language? if not, n/a:
any magazines/newspapers you enjoy?:
do you read the works of any philosophers?/if so, which?/or no:


2-20 punk bands you prefer:
2-20 bands of other genres you prefer [if you listen to more than just punk]:
solo artists:
do you like classical music?:
how do you feel about rap/hip-hop?:
do you play any instruments? if so, which?:
play something that is not guitar/drums/or bass?:
in a band?:
band name?:
5-10 favorite movies:
movie genres?:

*Note: this part of the questionnaire is written with a bias towards the USA. If you prefer, please alter/substitute the questions with ones pertaining more to your native/current location.

what political party do you associate yourself with, if any?:
what are your thoughts on the upcoming/most recent election?
what do you think of the current political leaders of your home country?:
what news outlet (IRL, online, etc.) do you obtain your information from, primarily?
ever been to a political rally?:
have you ever helped to organize/been in a protest?:
what do you think about current GLBT politics?:
should the u.s. maintain military presence in Iraq?:
what are some of the most pressing items of international interest, in your opinion:
what are any current repercussions and feelings about 9/11?:
explain your stance on the national/international economy.
what, to you, is anarchy? is it a tangible possibility in today's world?:
what, to you, are the top three most pressing socio-political issues in need of attention today?:

personal beliefs

is an eating disorder really a disease?:
is self-mutilation (i.e., cutting/burning/etc. oneself) a legitimate psychological problem, or are self-injurers all attention-whores? why/why not?:
what are your thoughts on news/popular media?
is racism understandable/acceptable? why/why not?:
how about sexism?:
how do you feel about abortions?:
homosexuality/gay marriages?:
premarital sex?:
sex-workers (prostitution)?
drugs [and legalization of]/alcohol/smoking/sXe people?:
are piercings/tattoos just a form of "acting out?":
do you consider religion a positive thing?:
do neo-nazis have valid points?:
what, to you, constitutes 'extreme' feminism? how do you feel about it?:
do extreme animal-rights activists have good reason for the sometimes intense actions they take?:
what do you think about vegetarians/vegans?:
how do you feel about incest?:
how about child-adult sexual relationships?:

PICK A LYRIC! choose a lyric that describes the following and explain why:

last romantic relationship you were in:
your view towards life:
our society:

punk rawkerz. what do you think about...

sid vicious?:
kurt cobain?:
jello biafra?:
john lydon [johnny rotten]?:
gg allin?:
johnny ramone?:
joe strummer?:
darby crash?:

situations. [as silly as these seem, they can say a lot about who you are.]

1. a friend has died and left you hundreds of thousands of dollars. what do you do with it?:

2. Sarah Palin has come out of the closet as a lesbian. how do you think the government and country, including yourself, would react?

3. the world suddenly and inexplicably is stricken with a plague. you, and a handful of other people are the only survivors. what do you do, and what are your feelings?


what is your personal philosophy?:
what's your town's music scene like?:
how about your high school? if you've graduated, tell us how yours was.:
where do you work?:
what sort of issues or items of interest do you encounter daily/weekly?:
where do you like to buy your clothes, music etc.?:
how do you feel about the "elitist fashionxcore scene" kids?:
do you do any acting?:
is there anything unique you'd like to mention about you?
show off your smart sense of humor:
scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?:
promote us somewhere, give a link for proof here:

[POST PICTURES. >2 but <8]

any poems/photography/drawings you'd like to post?:

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