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Street Geek Mark II

With the political and social turmoil, I have been rather surprised to note none of us have posted anything for discussion here! While I try to scrounge up some cohesive thoughts to offer, I also made a quick update to the community's application. Please give any alterations/feedback... ours is terribly outdated.

Note: I have not modified the *actual* application yet. Anyone interested may compare these modifications to what was there previously.


in romantic relationships, what is your gender preference, if applicable?:
general location:


list 5-10 favorite books:
how about favorite authors?:
can you write/speak in any other language? if not, n/a:
any magazines/newspapers you enjoy?:
do you read the works of any philosophers?/if so, which?/or no:


2-20 punk bands you prefer:
2-20 bands of other genres you prefer [if you listen to more than just punk]:
solo artists:
do you like classical music?:
how do you feel about rap/hip-hop?:
do you play any instruments? if so, which?:
play something that is not guitar/drums/or bass?:
in a band?:
band name?:
5-10 favorite movies:
movie genres?:

*Note: this part of the questionnaire is written with a bias towards the USA. If you prefer, please alter/substitute the questions with ones pertaining more to your native location.

what political party do you associate yourself with, if any?:
what do you think about the outcome of the 2008 Presidential election?:
what are your thoughts on the upcoming 2012 election?
what do you think of the current political leaders of the Democrat/Republican Parties in Washington?:
what are your thoughts on WikiLeaks, MSNBC, FOX News and, in general, the American Political Media?
what news outlet (IRL, online, etc.) do you obtain your information from, primarily?
ever been to a political rally?:
have you ever helped to organize/been in a protest?:
what do you think about DOMA?:
what do you think about DADT?:
should the u.s. maintain military presence in Iraq?:
what do you think about the current uprisings and protests in North Africa? [Libya (Gaddafi), Egypt (Mubarak), Bahrain (al-Khalifa)]:
what are your thoughts on the current protests in Wisconsin (Union Bargaining vs. Gov. Walker)?:
what are any current repercussions and feelings about 9/11?:
explain your stance on the current economic structure in the US.
what, to you, is anarchy? is it a tangible possibility in today's world?:
what, to you, is the top three most pressing socio-political issues in need of attention?

personal beliefs

is an eating disorder really a disease?:
what do you think about american media?:
is self-mutilation (i.e., cutting/burning/etc. oneself) a legitimate psychological problem, or are self-injurers all attention-whores? why/why not?:
is racism understandable/acceptable? why/why not?:
how about sexism?:
how do you feel about abortions?:
homosexuality/gay marriages?:
premarital sex?:
sex-workers (prostitution)?
drugs [and legalization of]/alcohol/smoking/sXe people?:
are piercings/tattoos just a form of "acting out?":
do you consider religion a positive thing?:
do neo-nazis have valid points?:
what, to you, constitutes 'extreme' feminism? how do you feel about it?:
do extreme animal-rights activists have good reason for the sometimes intense actions they take?:
what do you think about vegetarians/vegans?:
how do you feel about incest?:
how about child-adult sexual relationships?:

PICK A LYRIC! choose a lyric that describes the following and explain why:

last romantic relationship you were in:
your view towards life:
our society:

punk rawkerz. what do you think about...

sid vicious?:
kurt cobain?:
jello biafra?:
john lydon [johnny rotten]?:
gg allin?:
johnny ramone?:
joe strummer?:
darby crash?:

situations. [as silly as these seem, they can say a lot about who you are.]

1. a friend has died and left you hundreds of thousands of dollars. what do you do with it?:

2. Sarah Palin has come out of the closet as a lesbian. how do you think the government and country, including yourself, would react?

3. the world suddenly and inexplicably is stricken with a plague. you, and a handful of other people are the only survivors. what do you do, and what are your feelings?


what is your personal philosophy?:
what's your town's music scene like?:
how about your high school? if you've graduated, tell us how yours was.:
where do you like to buy your clothes, music etc.?:
how do you feel about the "elitist fashionxcore scene" kids?:
do you do any acting?:
is there anything unique you'd like to mention about you?
show off your smart sense of humor:
scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?:
promote us somewhere, give a link for proof here:

[POST PICTURES. >2 but <8]

any poems/photography/drawings you'd like to post?:

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