phoenix_ri5ing (phoenix_ri5ing) wrote in smart_punx,

Hey punx.

Listen, I was looking over the application for this community.  Despite the fact that we're pretty dead right now, it's far less miraculous (read: less capable of making a religion around itself) to raise an internet community from the dead than to raise a living thing from the dead.  I was thinking, maybe it's time to review the application and see if we can't fix it up.  Especially political stuff... the election of 2004 is so long ago that no one really cares, nowadays... heh.  Anyway, it might attract some more people if we asked some questions that are more applicable for here and now.

Anyway, I'll probably review it after the holideck and get some suggestions.

And the changes we approved a few months ago can be made too.

And for the love of all that's holy, will someone give me admin priviledges? 
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