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4 МАРТА 2012 BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS fest - клуб PLAN B. [04 Mar 2012|03:20am]

108.32 КБ

Второй фестиваль российского музыкального треш-андеграунда "The BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS" состоится в Москве 4 марта в клубе PLAN B!

Пока вся страна будет ставить галочки напротив имени будущего президента, в московском клубе PLAN B начиная с 16.30 состоится уникальный фестиваль треш музыки The BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS.
Предлагаем окунуться в честный и шокирующий мир, прочувствовать бешеную энергетику самых ярких музыкальных коллективов, объединенных безудержным весельем, провокационным взглядом на реальность и протестом на социальную несправедливость.
Фестиваль The BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS даёт возможность увидеть и услышать не причесанную грань современного искусства. Группы, играющие в разнообразнейших оттенках треш-музыки на одной площадке: Чудо-Юдо, Ансамбль Христа Спасителя и Мать Сыра Земля, Пахом и Вивисектор, Калёссы, Усы Дракона, Ландыши, Х.. Забей и Барто. Хедлайнерами фестиваля станут одни из родоначальников русского треш-панка - группа Инфекция, во главе с Найком Борзовым!
Гости фестиваля смогут почувствовать на себе ослепляющий мир агрессивной сексуальности, откровенных текстов и въедающихся в мозг мелодий

400 р. предпродажа
500 р. в день концерта
Заказ столов: +7 (495) 760 20 04

17:00 – 17:30 – УСЫ ДРАКОНА
17:30 – 18:00 – КАЛЁССЫ
18:00 – 18:35 – ПАХОМ & VIVISECTOR
18:35 – 19:15 – ЛАНДЫШИ
20:00 – 20:45 – ЧУДО-ЮДО
20:45 – 21:20 – ХУЙ ЗАБЕЙ
21:20 – 22:00 – БАРТО
22:00 – 22:40 – ИНФЕКЦИЯ
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application modification mark III [14 May 2011|11:57pm]

Note: I have not modified the *actual* application yet. Anyone interested may compare these modifications to what was there previously.

I WILL PROBABLY CHANGE THE OFFICIAL APPLICATION WITHIN A FEW WEEKS. This depends on any feedback I get, of course, but with the few applicants we've had recently and the absolute deadliness of the community in general, I am willing to make moves to bring in new interest.

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street geek [12 May 2011|10:34pm]

wm s burroughs punk definitionCollapse )
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street fucking geek [11 May 2011|03:33am]

here is an app, an app is hereCollapse )
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organic crops and potential genetic contamination [09 May 2011|08:24am]

Weekend thoughts on Obama, Monsanto & food
by Gaius Publius on 5/08/2011 05:09:00 PM

I'm not entirely clear on this issue myself, but if the suppositions this blogger has posited have a real fact-base (and preliminary internet searches seem to suggest so) then this is detrimental to the health of consumers, livestock, and non-monopolized produce. Basically, it looks like Monsanto has genetically engineered some crops to be resistant/immune to their herbicide RoundUp. So one can douse the crops with RoundUp and not kill the plants. The issues that seem to be growing from this, as stated by David Murphy, include giving Mosanto the right to go into other farmers' fields and test their crops. If the crops are contaminated with the genetically modified (and patented) version, Mosanto can then sue the farmers. The issue here really arises when you look at how plants reproduce and how difficult it would be to stop cross pollination.


"Earlier this year, Dr. Huber wrote Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack an urgent letter (link in article) detailing the findings of top U.S. scientists, warning that GMO Roundup Ready® corn and soybeans and the widely used weed killer Roundup (whose active ingredient is Glyphosate) have been linked to serious crop failures and likely to reproductive problems in livestock. Even more concerning, the scientists’ early findings indicate that a “new” organism, not previously known to science, is found in high populations in these same affected crops and livestock herds. Since Roundup use is ubiquitous in agriculture today, there is grave concern that the new organism may have traveled up the food chain to animals eating these crops, according to the preliminary scientific research. Dr. Huber’s letter was leaked shortly after he sent it to Secretary Vilsack and then gained widespread attention after being published with Dr. Huber’s permission on the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance’s website."
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american politifucks [07 May 2011|11:48am]

Well, the American Government has found new ways to take rights away from women, and give more freedom and legal wiggle-room to rapists. (Wiggle-room because judges look at laws and bills to hone the court's definition and understanding on the overarching legal stance regarding imprecise or blanket terms like "rape.")

"The bill sponsor Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) faced serious backlash after he tried to narrow the definition rape to “forcible rape.” By narrowing the rape and incest exception in the Hyde Amendment, Smith sought to prevent the following situations from consideration: Women who say no but do not physically fight off the perpetrator, women who are drugged or verbally threatened and raped, and minors impregnated by adults. "


"It speaks to a distinction between rape where there must be some element of force in order to rise to the standard, and rape where there is not," said Steph Sterling, director of government relations for the National Women's Law Center. "The concern here is that it takes us back to a time where just saying no was not enough."

( http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2011/01/31/AR2011013105207.html )

"The Hyde Amendment has been renewed every year since it was introduced in 1976, but calls to make it permanent became more urgent last year after the passage of the health-care overhaul, which some critics think has expanded the use of federal money for abortions.

The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortions Act was intended, in part, to remedy that, but abortion-rights groups say it goes much further and cite the "forcible rape" inclusion as one egregious example. Although the bill's backers say it is not meant to change a widely held definition of rape, critics say the new wording could leave it open to interpretation by the courts or others.

In a sign of the potential confusion that could arise, one senior GOP aide said the wording was meant to prevent coverage for minors who engage in consensual sex that results in pregnancy. In some states, consensual sex involving minors is considered statutory rape."
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bigotry based violence [26 Apr 2011|07:37am]


Transgender Woman Severely Beaten at Baltimore McDonalds While Employees Watch
Filed by: Bil Browning
April 22, 2011 4:00 PM

This is absolutely disgusting. After an unidentified transwoman tried to use the bathroom at a Baltimore McDonald's, two patrons started attacking her in full view of other customers and employees. What did the employees do? They filmed it on their phones.

While you can see the manager yelling stop at the two women attacking the customer, none of the other employees even try to intervene or keep the women from dragging the victim across the restaurant floor. Instead, it's the elderly female customer that seems to do the most to help. The manager and employees simply watch as the victim starts to have a seizure and offer no help whatsoever.

You can let McDonalds know how you feel about their employees reprehensible actions - especially since they filmed it and promptly put it on the internet to degrade the victim further.

The video is after the jump. Trigger Warning: The video is extremely violent.

UPDATE: County police have confirmed that the attack happened April 18 at a McDonald's in Rosedale, in the 6300 block of Kenwood Ave. Two suspects have been arrested. Details after the jump.

(Hat tip to Catherine. Original source is NSFW. Picture is a McDonalds publicity photo.)

she did an interview.
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TSA Nude Scanners [05 Mar 2011|11:10am]


The naked-scanners are planned to be implemented outside of airports now.

When do we stop them? How far is too far?

Big Brother Is Watching You Masturbate...
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Two Cents for the Economy [05 Mar 2011|10:55am]

So, nobody can avoid admission; our American Economy is in the shitter. The bankers and stock brokers helped the economic boom of the nineties implode in mid/late 2008. So our politicians threw money at them. We owe trillions in debt to China and have zero hope of paying it back.

Two options: default on the debt and admit we're just a super-giant Banana Republic (please pardon the bigoted connotations of the phrase, it is a conversational standard to express easily the position of a state's economic delusions of grandeur), or we can devalue the dollar by printing thousands of sheets of currency until the trillions owed amount to squat. Right now the political big wigs are going for option two. What a person learns in Economics 101 is that, when the economy is in trouble, the LAST thing you want to do is print money. By de-valuing the dollar, the poor get poorer. Hopefully we won't face the problems of Depression-Era Europe/Germany when people had to spend thousands of dollars on a loaf of bread.

What really gets my goat these days is the overwhelming feeling that we, the majority of America, are being held hostage by the rich. The refusal to let Bush-Era tax cuts expire on the wealthiest of the wealthy was one instance, the Koch Brothers funding a war against WI Unions is another... The rich are able to accost the average american by threatening, 'if you tax us further, we will have to take your job overseas.' Well, damnit, they GOT their tax breaks and STILL aren't giving anyone jobs. We got fucked over. Again. And now they want to take more of our money to fund their pet projects (WI Unions).

I saw a clip from Rachel Maddow's show that really resonated with me:
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Street Geek Mark II [05 Mar 2011|10:37am]

With the political and social turmoil, I have been rather surprised to note none of us have posted anything for discussion here! While I try to scrounge up some cohesive thoughts to offer, I also made a quick update to the community's application. Please give any alterations/feedback... ours is terribly outdated.

Note: I have not modified the *actual* application yet. Anyone interested may compare these modifications to what was there previously.

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[24 Dec 2009|05:45pm]

Hey punx.

Listen, I was looking over the application for this community.  Despite the fact that we're pretty dead right now, it's far less miraculous (read: less capable of making a religion around itself) to raise an internet community from the dead than to raise a living thing from the dead.  I was thinking, maybe it's time to review the application and see if we can't fix it up.  Especially political stuff... the election of 2004 is so long ago that no one really cares, nowadays... heh.  Anyway, it might attract some more people if we asked some questions that are more applicable for here and now.

Anyway, I'll probably review it after the holideck and get some suggestions.

And the changes we approved a few months ago can be made too.

And for the love of all that's holy, will someone give me admin priviledges? 
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dk/jello/misc. for sale [18 Oct 2009|06:04pm]

Hey boys and girls...

I'm doing kind of a non-attachment practice and trying to sell some punk rock memorabilia on ebay... ha.

Goldenvoice '83 punk show flyer, Angelic Upstarts, TSOL

Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys) original 8x10 photo

Dead Kennedys 1983 8x10 photograph

...I've got a lot more Jello Biafra/Dead Kennedys stuff (flyers/posters, zines, some original photos, even a comic book). Let me know if you'd be interested in any of that sort of thing and I'll deal directly with you instead of through this ebay nonsense. Also some framed fine art animal rights prints.

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madein_doi4land community [10 Sep 2009|08:53pm]


Music from Germany. From Oi! and ska to jazz and folk.
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[04 Sep 2009|07:57pm]

Hey you crunchy guys and gals...

I just wanted to update everyone about the last post.  I decided I would go with the counsel of mods, and am now accepting applications at soapadmin@paradoxofjim.com

You can reach it either indirectly, which shows you the rules first, then gives you a link to the site, or directly.

You all are welcome.

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[25 Aug 2009|07:37pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey, you Dirty Rotten Imbeciles.

OK, well, here goes.  I would like to start up a forum that I'm going to name "The School of Athens" after a painting by Raphael Sanzio.  Well, the whole point of it is going to be a more or less lassez faire (in terms of moderation) place where anyone anywhere can just chat about what they think about __________.  There are some problems though.  I thought, perhaps the good folks at smart punx will have some suggestions.

How would I moderate it?  I was originally thinking, perhaps I'd just let it self moderate, essentially, if someone posts "OMG, you suck, u fagg0t", then the rest of the members would just chew him out.  I like the way that this community is set up, that everyone mods himself and others, but... I don't think that'll work, otherwise I'd have people editing each other's posts for no good reason.  I mean, the rules would read that if you're posting in this or that forum, you HAVE post something of substance that is backed up by sound logic and/or evidence.  On the other hand, I could just control who got a membership.  But this would end up being totally pretentious of me, and would also result in me and my friends just agreeing with each other, which is definitely NOT the vision I have for these boards.

What I was thinking is that if we had a counsel of mods.  I would decide on an X number of people that would run the ideological gamut of the community.  Some from the right, some from the left, some from the center, Christians, secular humanists, you get the idea.  Of course, it would have to be an odd number, so that only if there was a tie and an abstention, then I would show up and say something.  I'd like to get an idea of what the cons to this idea is, because I can't see one.

Also, does anyone have any advice regarding the set up of a community like this?  I've never done a board before.  I've participated, I mean, but I've never started one up.

Any questions, comments, or questionable comments?

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[27 May 2009|01:19pm]

I started up a political blog, earlier this year.  Haven't posted all too much on it, but it's just my random rabble rousing (see if you can say that ten times fast).  

Notes From Your Friendly Neighborhood Anarchist

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Gender and Sexual Identity [28 Mar 2009|08:55am]

I would like to open for discussion the following.

Gender and Sexual Identity

(please read through the comments to this, the aspect of a feminist disregarding the experience of a transwoman because she was born male and thus is of the Privileged is what got my attention)

*notable quote:
OK, either both males and females are socialized under gendered expectations, due to a patriarchal system designed to benefit MALES, whether they feel like males or not. That's what I'm arguing.

OR males who feel like females are OPPRESSED and moreso than actual females even BECAUSE they didn't get the oppressive socialization reserved for females, and instead got the privileging socialization that's reserved for males. When I say that masculinity is a privileged socialization, I'm not talking about intra-sex privilege (ie, males over other males, or females over other females); I'm talking about sexism - the fact that masculinity is privileged over femininity, which is used to privilege males over females. You seem to be arguing, however, that males who wish they were female being socialized to be masculine actually makes them MORE oppressed than females being socialized into that second-class status by birth-injustice. That's what I disagree with.

If my saying that is traumatizing for your readers, perhaps they don't have as much empathy with actual female people as they like to think they do.


Well, just say you want me to leave because you don't want to hear a female-focused opinion, then. Don't pretend as if you want me to go "in peace." My peace is dependent upon not having the female (ie, not male, never male) experience trampled on an appropriated.

(the comments here are rather immaterial, as people both agree and take arms against the initial post)

*notable quote:
It's almost becoming -- hell it has become--comical the way that groups are stealing the language of gay liberation -- "asexual and proud" like hell! -- and appropriating it for their own pathetic purposes. Of course, some dim bulbs in the GLBT movement are perfectly happy to let them do it. As I've said before, some well-meaning but intellectually challenged individuals are loathe to discriminate against anyone who might be "oppressed," so they''ll add just about any group imaginable to GLBT (thank goodness that does not extend to pedophiles or bestialists, but in the future, who knows?)

Asexuality has different meanings but for our purposes it refers to people who have no sexual attraction for anyone, male or female. Naturally they have no sex lives, or if they do, don't get any pleasure out of them. As far as I'm concerned, this isn't an orientation -- it's a disability and it does no one -- least of all the asexuals who are missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures -- any good to pretend otherwise.
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slightly incoherent rant.... [10 Feb 2009|10:30am]

Without getting into a schpeel about how digusted I am that people are sincerely arguing whether the Octuplet Mom should be "allowed" to have as many babies as she did, I feel the need to simply put it out there that I find it despicable that doctors thought it was responsible for her to have that many babies *at the same time*. My problem is not with whether she has 10 or 14 or 20 kids, but having been born only a few weeks premature and knowing the ordeal that premies suffer from missing out on precious days of fetal development in their mother's wombs, even from a basic medical understanding, the doctors who implanted those embryos in her absolutely committed a negligent act, if not a crime.

They knew she would not be able to carry them to full term. They knew the babies risked being born underdeveloped. They knew she had already given birth to six other children, a factor which makes any pregnancy for her, even of just one child, a riskier venture than usual. By nature of making a multiple birth a possibility, they condemned these kids to being born two steps behind everyone else, and for what good reason? I cannot think of one.

They endangered the health of these babies and this mother, just because she wanted them, but the children in this story seem to have had no one looking out for their interests. And for what? Not to ensure that someone who had no children could have one. But to prove to themselves that they could do it, that they could deliver the babies. But what of the rest of these kids' medical life? Did the possibility that these children may yes, survive the labor, but perhaps not survive the dangerous early days, months, and even years ahead? Being a premie doesn't end when you leave a hospital. It has affects on children that last much longer, and they may not catch up to their full-term peers for months after they have left a hospital, in some cases even years. Willingly bringing 6 or 8 premies into the world at the same time is like purposely choosing embryos that have a lesser chance of surviving "just to see" if you can make it. And what if they didn't make it? Would those doctors consider themselves as responsible for their deaths as they are now giving themselves credit for their survival?
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DEAR CNN [09 Feb 2009|02:24pm]

Instead of airing Michelle Obama standing and staring at a ceremony going on somewhere off-camera for an interminable amount of time, how about showing the actual Native American ceremony she is paying attention to? I'm sure the Department of the Interior thought it was worthy of 10 full minutes of television for a reason.

Is that so much to ask?
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Soap-boxin' [01 Feb 2009|08:27am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

You know how a bunch of 13 year old white guys stand in a circle and try to rap, and call it beatboxing?  Well, my friends, I've come up with something that might put a little life in this here community.  It's called "Soapboxing!" 

Write, in a comment, a speech or an article about an issue that you feel strongly about, whether it be political, cultural, social, or otherwise, as long as it's intent is serious.  250 words or less, and then, someone else replies to the comment with a reply.

You can write as many soapbox raps as you want, as long as their in separate comment threads.


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