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name: billy
gender: mtf
in romantic relationships, what is your gender preference, if applicable?: willing
general location: new orleans


list 5-10 favorite books: a storm of swords, the city and the pillar, the power and the glory, fun home, the lathe of heaven, the book of flying
how about favorite authors?: leguin, bechdel, grrm, pratchett, graham greene, gore vidal, vonnegut, keith miler, etc.
can you write/speak in any other language? if not, n/a: no
any magazines/newspapers you enjoy?: well, i read the times-picayune
do you read the works of any philosophers?/if so, which?/or no: anything on ethics


2-20 punk bands you prefer: flipper, minutemen, electric eels, pere ubu, voidoids, flesh eaters, pogues, discount, gogol bordello, nirvana, johnny thunders, ramones, x, slits, the fall, crass, stooges, pansy division, the pop group, x ray spex
2-20 bands of other genres you prefer [if you listen to more than just punk]: statler brothers, lowest of the low, t. rex, supremes, eyehategod, prince, sam cooke, tony conrad, charley pride, james fuckin' booker, david kincaid, harry belafonte, frank london's klezmer brass all stars, robert parker, big star, tati quebra barraco, vashti bunyan, roxanne shante, the holy modal rounders, popol vuh
solo artists: see above.
do you like classical music?: yes, esp. romantic era
how do you feel about rap/hip-hop?: love it
do you play any instruments? if so, which?: no
play something that is not guitar/drums/or bass?: i own a kazoo
in a band?: no
band name?: n/a
5-10 favorite movies: sweet movie, fat girl, the great silence, the wages of fear, purple rain, hausu, in a year of 13 moons, the texas chain saw massacre,happiness, the devils
movie genres?: horror, euroschlock, allegory, documentary, westerns, muppets, pretty much everything, honey


what political party do you associate yourself with?: socialist party usa
what do you think about the outcome of election 2004?: typical, pointless, so long ago that i don't give a shit anymore.
what do you think of john kerry/george w. bush?: they're capitalist pigs and bloody-handed fools who are no more significant than any one else involved the cesspool of american politics.
ever been to a political rally?: yes. i campaigned for nader in my naive youth, booed al gore, and protested so many different things i can't recall them all. i've also helped with sit ins and strikes.
have you ever helped to organize/been in a protest?: oops, yeah, see above.
what do you think about the Patriot Act?: it's an insult.
should the u.s. have attacked iraq?: we're so deep in mistakes and crimes that "should" has lost all meaning. there's no way our system can yield purely positive results anymore. the only way anyone can perform a "good" action at this point is by breaking the system entirely and rebuilding it, and then only in a collective manner.
should we still be there?: we shouldn't kill anyone, ever.
what, to you, is anarchy? is it a tangible possibility in today's world?: it's a goal, a very long term goal, much as any utopian ideal is at this point. worth working toward.
how do you feel about 9/11?: it's harry connick, jr.'s birthday. if that's not reason to feel bad about a day, i don't know what is.

personal beliefs

is an eating disorder really a disease?: i've never considered this one way or the other. if the scientific consensus is that such disorders are labelled diseases, i accept it.
what do you think about american media?: the most prominent aspect of a flawed and ugly system that is incapable of actual positive action.
is self-mutilation (i.e., cutting/burning/etc. oneself) a legitimate psychological problem, or are self-injurers all attention-whores? why/why not?: jesus. i have compassion for all humans, especially those compelled to harm themselves, and i hope they all find a way to get help and not continue hurting themselves.
is racism understandable/acceptable? why/why not?: no. racism is bad because it is divisive and holds us back as a species. it's bad because it is inherent to the system of human interaction that dominates our society (american, particularly) after millenia of having it ingrained, and it is one of the core qualities of that system that allows for exploitation and oppression.
how about sexism?: no. sexism is bad because it is divisive and holds us back as a species. it's bad because it is inherent to the system of human interaction that dominates our society (american, particularly) after centuries of having it ingrained, and it is one of the core qualities of that system that allows for exploitation and oppression.
how do you feel about abortions?: if we were at all intelligent, we would fund medical research and advance our society, species, and science to where it was a moot fucking issue.
homosexuality/gay marriages?: i'm all for fucking whomever you want, and i don't believe in marriage at all. if it's your thing, though, go for it.
premarital sex?: AND LOTS OF IT.
drugs [and legalization of]/alcohol/smoking/sXe people?: i don't do them, but i think making them illegal is part of the expoititive/oppressive nature of our society.
are piercings/tattoos just a form of "acting out?": it varies by individual, i suppose.
do you consider religion a positive thing?: religion has both positive and negative effects. millard fuller's faith lead him to create an organization that put 300,000 families into homes; shaolin martial arts contributed to empowering peasants in medieval (?) china; and the crusades brought about the deaths of thousands or more. and then there's fred phelps.
do neo-nazis have valid points?: as regards their neo-nazism? no.
what, to you, constitutes 'extreme' feminism? how do you feel about it?: women and men are equal, and should treat each other with respect (as long as they are treated with respect in return). "extreme" is a meaningless word in this context.
do extreme animal-rights activists have good reason for the sometimes intense actions they take?: i'm sure they do.
what do you think about vegetarians/vegans?: i've been vegetarian for 10 years now. i do what i can to reduce suffering.
should prostitution be legalized?: possibly. the ramifications of this are complex, and ultimately, our society treats people who are prostitutes as less than human. legalizing it would likely not change the stigma. there needs to be broader action than legalization in regards to this issue.
how do you feel about incest?: there are evolutionary reasons why it's a bad idea, and most cases tend to be non-consensual, so obviously, that's right out. in cases of adult consensual incest, it's trickier. it would vary case to case.
how about child-adult sexual relationships?: really, there's too much evidence of psychological trouble arising from these situations for them to be positive in the current human interactive system we have going.

PICK A LYRIC! choose a lyric that describes the following and explain why:

last romantic relationship you were in: "ever look at a flower and hate it?"
your view towards life: "bunnies are our good friends/see their funny noses/please don't treat them bad/please don't make them sad"
our society: "last night everything broke"
you!: "mommy's not sure if you're a boy or a girl"

punk rawkerz. what do you think about...

sid vicious?: poor fella.
kurt cobain?: poor fella, awesome music.
jello biafra?: interesting fella, but a bit pretentious.
john lydon [johnny rotten]?: public image limited is sooooo fucking good. why didn't i include that above?
gg allin?: hated is a fascinating movie, but he as a sad, sad man.
johnny ramone?: so, so, so cute. i just want to cuddle the ramones.
joe strummer?: right on! fuckin' right, joe!
darby crash?: poor fella. i feel yer pain, my old chum.

situations. [as silly as these seem, they can say a lot about who you are.]

1. a friend has died and left you hundreds of thousands of dollars. what do you do with it?: pay off my student debt and start a nonprofit to bring wonder and awe to the world.

2. condoleeza rice has come out of the closet as a lesbian. how do you think the government and country, including yourself, would react? the media would make hay out of it, secretly no one would give a fuck, and i, personally, would wait and see how she played it. if she did anything interesting with it, well, go her. if not, well, at least she was honest.

3. the world suddenly and inexplicably is stricken with a plague. you, and a handful of other people are the only survivors. what do you do, and what are your feelings? i'd start a musical theater company and begin doing productions of cabaret, because why put off going mad, am i right?


what is your personal philosophy?: it has to do with collective action being the only way toward goodness, harnessing selective forces to push society toward a utopian ideal, and invoking wonder wherever i go.
what's your town's music scene like?: ever seen treme? add sludge metal to it, and you've pretty much got a good picture of it. in other words, the best
how about your high school? if you've graduated, tell us how yours was.: haha. my high school was a hellhole in small town alabama.
where do you like to buy your clothes, music etc.?: the internet.
how do you feel about the "elitist fashionxcore scene" kids?: i don't.
do you do any acting?: no.
is there anything unique you'd like to mention about you? i am the banana of new orleans.
show off your smart sense of humor: what's blue and square? an orange in disguise.
scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?: if you show me how.
promote us somewhere, give a link for proof here: http://liamtheruiner.livejournal.com/555194.html

[POST PICTURES. >2 but <8] i don't have any that i am comfortable sharing.

any poems/photography/drawings you'd like to post?:no
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