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organic crops and potential genetic contamination

Weekend thoughts on Obama, Monsanto & food
by Gaius Publius on 5/08/2011 05:09:00 PM

I'm not entirely clear on this issue myself, but if the suppositions this blogger has posited have a real fact-base (and preliminary internet searches seem to suggest so) then this is detrimental to the health of consumers, livestock, and non-monopolized produce. Basically, it looks like Monsanto has genetically engineered some crops to be resistant/immune to their herbicide RoundUp. So one can douse the crops with RoundUp and not kill the plants. The issues that seem to be growing from this, as stated by David Murphy, include giving Mosanto the right to go into other farmers' fields and test their crops. If the crops are contaminated with the genetically modified (and patented) version, Mosanto can then sue the farmers. The issue here really arises when you look at how plants reproduce and how difficult it would be to stop cross pollination.

"Earlier this year, Dr. Huber wrote Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack an urgent letter (link in article) detailing the findings of top U.S. scientists, warning that GMO Roundup Ready® corn and soybeans and the widely used weed killer Roundup (whose active ingredient is Glyphosate) have been linked to serious crop failures and likely to reproductive problems in livestock. Even more concerning, the scientists’ early findings indicate that a “new” organism, not previously known to science, is found in high populations in these same affected crops and livestock herds. Since Roundup use is ubiquitous in agriculture today, there is grave concern that the new organism may have traveled up the food chain to animals eating these crops, according to the preliminary scientific research. Dr. Huber’s letter was leaked shortly after he sent it to Secretary Vilsack and then gained widespread attention after being published with Dr. Huber’s permission on the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance’s website."
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