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Hey, you Dirty Rotten Imbeciles.

OK, well, here goes.  I would like to start up a forum that I'm going to name "The School of Athens" after a painting by Raphael Sanzio.  Well, the whole point of it is going to be a more or less lassez faire (in terms of moderation) place where anyone anywhere can just chat about what they think about __________.  There are some problems though.  I thought, perhaps the good folks at smart punx will have some suggestions.

How would I moderate it?  I was originally thinking, perhaps I'd just let it self moderate, essentially, if someone posts "OMG, you suck, u fagg0t", then the rest of the members would just chew him out.  I like the way that this community is set up, that everyone mods himself and others, but... I don't think that'll work, otherwise I'd have people editing each other's posts for no good reason.  I mean, the rules would read that if you're posting in this or that forum, you HAVE post something of substance that is backed up by sound logic and/or evidence.  On the other hand, I could just control who got a membership.  But this would end up being totally pretentious of me, and would also result in me and my friends just agreeing with each other, which is definitely NOT the vision I have for these boards.

What I was thinking is that if we had a counsel of mods.  I would decide on an X number of people that would run the ideological gamut of the community.  Some from the right, some from the left, some from the center, Christians, secular humanists, you get the idea.  Of course, it would have to be an odd number, so that only if there was a tie and an abstention, then I would show up and say something.  I'd like to get an idea of what the cons to this idea is, because I can't see one.

Also, does anyone have any advice regarding the set up of a community like this?  I've never done a board before.  I've participated, I mean, but I've never started one up.

Any questions, comments, or questionable comments?
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