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Gender and Sexual Identity

I would like to open for discussion the following.

Gender and Sexual Identity
(please read through the comments to this, the aspect of a feminist disregarding the experience of a transwoman because she was born male and thus is of the Privileged is what got my attention)

*notable quote:
OK, either both males and females are socialized under gendered expectations, due to a patriarchal system designed to benefit MALES, whether they feel like males or not. That's what I'm arguing.

OR males who feel like females are OPPRESSED and moreso than actual females even BECAUSE they didn't get the oppressive socialization reserved for females, and instead got the privileging socialization that's reserved for males. When I say that masculinity is a privileged socialization, I'm not talking about intra-sex privilege (ie, males over other males, or females over other females); I'm talking about sexism - the fact that masculinity is privileged over femininity, which is used to privilege males over females. You seem to be arguing, however, that males who wish they were female being socialized to be masculine actually makes them MORE oppressed than females being socialized into that second-class status by birth-injustice. That's what I disagree with.

If my saying that is traumatizing for your readers, perhaps they don't have as much empathy with actual female people as they like to think they do.


Well, just say you want me to leave because you don't want to hear a female-focused opinion, then. Don't pretend as if you want me to go "in peace." My peace is dependent upon not having the female (ie, not male, never male) experience trampled on an appropriated.
(the comments here are rather immaterial, as people both agree and take arms against the initial post)

*notable quote:
It's almost becoming -- hell it has become--comical the way that groups are stealing the language of gay liberation -- "asexual and proud" like hell! -- and appropriating it for their own pathetic purposes. Of course, some dim bulbs in the GLBT movement are perfectly happy to let them do it. As I've said before, some well-meaning but intellectually challenged individuals are loathe to discriminate against anyone who might be "oppressed," so they''ll add just about any group imaginable to GLBT (thank goodness that does not extend to pedophiles or bestialists, but in the future, who knows?)

Asexuality has different meanings but for our purposes it refers to people who have no sexual attraction for anyone, male or female. Naturally they have no sex lives, or if they do, don't get any pleasure out of them. As far as I'm concerned, this isn't an orientation -- it's a disability and it does no one -- least of all the asexuals who are missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures -- any good to pretend otherwise.
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